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Animal Crossing
NintendoCross over to a world that thrives 24-7 on GCN. The ambitious Animal Crossing allows players to interact with a virtual village of animals who do something different every minute of every day. With Animal Crossing's 24-hour clock, the game's unique events can be in synch with real time—as day turns to night in the real world, the sun will also begin to set in the game. Seasons will change and special events will occur in real time, too. The dynamic setup will have players coming back every day to carry out their daily routines, build relationships with villagers, celebrate special days, collect furnishings for their homes and just live life in an innovative experience that's a world of its own.
Beyond Good & Evil
UBI SoftArmed with her camera, aikido staff, and investigative skills, Jade sets out to expose the secrets behind the alien invaders to liberate the minds of her deceived people.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - Gamecube
NintendoDonkey Kong Jungle Beat takes the big ape through an incredible new adventure, using the most unexpexted controllers: The bongos. You'll guide DK by drumming your way through through fantastic jungle environments, full of ravenous enemies and challenging obstacles. Battle enormous beasts, collect bananas, get in boxing matches with rivals and even ride animals and vehicles in a jungle gone wild!
Donkey Konga
NintendoHas a lot of beats and rhythms to learn
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
NintendoBattle a cosmic evil across space and time in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. From swords to guns to mind-warping spells, you'll use an array of weapons in this epic adventure that unfolds over thousands of years. A new style of psychological thriller, the adventure gets even more frenzied as you battle your own dwindling sanity. Made in USA.
F-Zero GX
NintendoThe future of racing has arrived! High speed fun in the fastest, most visually stunning racing game ever.
NintendoGeist is modern supernatural mystery. You play a Spectral Operative - a special agent who can become a ghost. Travel the hallways, labs and chambers of a shadowy compound, searching for your body, as it's mysteriously being kept alive by people with an agenda you must unravel.
The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition
NintendoThe greatest legend in gaming! The ultimate Zelda collection. The Legend of Zelda arrives with 4 classic Zelda games from Nintendo Game Cube. Also included is a playable demo version of The Windwaker. Play the game that launched the legend! The Legend of Zelda. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link expands on the action sequences and introduces a new magic system. With The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda moves into three dimensions with gorgeous cinematics, revolutionary targeting system and the freedom of traveling on horseback. Ocarina of Time leaves all who play it breathless and impressed. The fourth game in the series, Majora's Mask takes a dramati turn from the tradition of the series as Link wanders into a 3 day journey in a mysterious parallel world. Majora's Mask challenges players to don magical masks and save a town threatened to be crushed under a menacing moon. Also included is a bonus playable demo version of The Windwaker. Don't miss out on the ultimate Zelda Collection.
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
NintendoThe swashbuckling action continues in this all-new Zelda adventure. Up to 4 players can link to the Nintendo Game Cube and join in the fun frantic competition for Force Gems and special items. But the game calls for cooperation to move massive blocks, trigger switches and slay mighty bosses. You can explore 8 vast worlds in Hyrulean Adventure mode or fight your friends in Shadow Battle mode. Either way you'll be treated to a great high-resolution, top-down play perspective that features dazzling visual effects like vividly colored lightening, smooth water ripples, swirling smoke and stylized weather changes.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest
Nintendo2 Zelda games. Master Quest was only released on this venue.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
NintendoNintendo's thematic action-adventure sequel to Ocarina of Time takes the series back to its more cartoonish roots. Utilizing a completely new look with cel-shaded graphics, the game casts players in the role of a familiar young boy, who sets out to save his kidnapped sister. Gameplay is vintage Zelda, only that the game's overworld is covered by water. Players have to control the direction of the wind to sail across the ocean and find dungeons, towns, and plenty of secrets. A special Game Boy Advance link-up option lets another player join the quest and give hints and assistance via the handheld. Legend has it that whenever evil has appeared, a hero named Link has risen to defeat it...
Luigi's Mansion E3 Game Preview While it won't win many points for originality, Luigi's Mansion is great fun to play, and it's a perfect showcase for the GameCube's graphics horsepower. In the game, Luigi—Mario's younger brother and costar of several games through the years—has inherited a spooky old mansion provided he can summon the courage to spend the night within its haunted walls. Luigi arrives prepared to clean house using a Ghostbusters-like device that stuns the ghosts with light and then vacuums them up safely. The gameplay gets tricky when some of the bigger light-shy ghosts vanish before you can put the Hoover on them. And, should one of the spectral pests sneak up on Luigi, he loses courage and the common currency of all Mario-inspired games: gold coins. Graphically, the game is amazing for its translucent ghosts, mirrored images, and particle effects (Luigi's vacuum device will also suck the dust off a chair and the mist out of a freezer). The game's campy visuals are more cute than spooky, so even jittery Mario fans will love this one. —Porter B. Hall
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with Bonus Disc
NintendoCopy of Mario Kart Double Dash for the Nintendo Gamecube. It comes with original box art, no manual, both discs are in excellent condition, with little to no light scratches on the discs and both play perfectly. When shipped the game will be packaged to ensure the safety of the discs in transit.
Metroid Prime
NintendoSamus enters a mysterious derelict ship on the unexplored world of Tallon IV to investigate Space Pirate activities. She has thwarted their dastardly efforts before. She stopped them from amassing an army of Metroids and she kept Mother Brain from retrieving the last known Metroid larva. Now she must face the Space Pirates once again in an all-new adventure.
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
NintendoHunted by a mysterious entity and a warring race called the Ing, Samus Aran must explore the light and dark worlds of this doomed planet to discover secrets and augment her suit's weapons and abilities. And now, for the first time in the history of the celebrated Metroid franchise, up to four players can battle each other as they search for weapons, grapple across ceilings, and turn into Morph Balls to make their escapes.
Pac-Man Vs. / Pac-Man World 2
NamcoTwo fantastic Pac Man games in one! Pac Man Vs. puts a twist on the original Pac Man arcade game. Using Game Boy Advance units as controllers and screens, friends play as ghosts chasing another player as Pac Man. Pac Man Word 2 takes players on a whole new 3-D platform/adventure game spread across 6 worlds, 15 mazes and 20 levels.
Resident Evil
CapcomIn Resident Evil, you are part of an elite military unit battling an out-of-control supercomputer. Sent to investigate a remote location, you discover an eerie old mansion transformed by a laboratory accident. Soon, you're fighting for survival against hundreds of mutated scientists and other ghoulish creatures. Ages 17 and up. Imported.
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Zero
CapcomSee how it all began. This game is the prequel to the ultimate horror series Resident Evil. After the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad discover an overturned van full of corpses, the characters of the game will start to discover the evil that is growing around Raccoon City.
Sonic Mega Collection
Sega Of America, Inc.Take a trip back in time with the character that redefined video games in Sonic Mega Collection for the Nintendo GameCube. Sonic Mega Collection is packed with seven classic Sonic games, each presented in its original blistering-fast form. Trace the blue blur's roots in the first three Sonic the Hedgehog games, and expand the experience with Sonic & Knuckles' lock-on technology. Then mix things up with Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. And if you need a break from the action, head over to the Extras section and check out movies, illustrations, and comics of Sega's signature character. You'll get it all seven times over when you pick up the Sonic Mega Collection!
Star Fox Assault
NintendoFox McCloud and the Star Fox team return to engage a grave new threat in the air and on the ground! Roll over hostile terrain in a heavily-armored Landmaster Tank, or bring the hurt to the enemy on foot. Play solo missions or join the fight with up to three other players, or engage in four-player split screen battles
Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III (Limited Edition Preview Disc)
LucasArtsEnjoy cinematic realism as you step out of into faithful recreations of worlds from the Star Wars films.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
LucasArts, a Lucasfilm Ltd. CompanyBattle the Empire as the leader of a Rebel flying force. From X-Wings to Snow Speeders, every ship is rendered in incredibly authentic 3D detail. Pilot them all in 11 exciting missions from the snowcapped peaks of Hoth to the trenches of the Death Star. Made in USA.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
NintendoCan Mario beat Donkey Kong? Is Pikachu tougher than Yoshi? Find out as 12 of Nintendo's biggest stars battle in head-to-head competition. Battle through a tournament in 3-D fighting arenas or take on multiple players with special moves and unique strengths. Made in USA.
Tales of Symphonia - Gamecube
NamcoOn a dangerous mission to save the dying world of Sylvarant, you'll fight battles in real-time on a 3-D battlefield. Choose the character in your battle party that you want to control. Different characters have different strengths so choose to suit your skills or to best beat your different enemies. Includes great fight combos and easy-setup multiplayer action.
Viewtiful Joe
CapcomFighting action game from Capcom Studio 4's Atsushi Inaba. Joe was just your average, well, Joe until he was transported into his favorite action movie. In his new environment, Joe discovers he has all the abilities of Hollywood action-hero. Using new cel-shading techniques, VJ boasts a unique visual style that blends colorful 3D environments with a twisted take on traditional 2D gameplay. Joe's power stems from skillful martial arts attacks, high-flying acrobatics, and time-bending special effects. Players can slow down or speed up time when attacking/ dodging enemies, as well as zoom in on the action to execute different attacks.