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Dance Dance Revolution Konamix
KonamiTurn this up! America is jamming with Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix. The arcade phenomenon of out-voguing everybody on the dance floor with your smooth moves comes home to the PlayStation. The game includes solid grooves from Japan's dance sensation and you can shake it down to 28 popping tracks pulled from Konami's all-time best Dance Mania tracks. Move it wild to slightly J-Pop and throw down fierce to some manic techno. And to get the best of it all, throw a party with a few rounds of 2-player Dance Dance dance-offs! Plus, with the special Dance Pad (available with the Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad set), you can get your friends and neighbors on the floor and down on their feet just like in the arcade. Turn that beat and show off how you like to move it!
Parappa the Rapper
SonyOriginal music video game: help Parappa and his Pals rap with the best of the master rappers to fun music mixes.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
CapcomAnother great Resident Evil game by Capcom. New monsters, missions and puzzles.